H/OURS Collective shares a common vision: establishing West Palm Beach, Florida as a culture incubator and resource for emerging artists, curators, and educators working in Palm Beach County. Our mission is to fill a current void in the cultural landscape that allows emerging artists to grow their practice in collaborative settings, both within the community and in the gallery. In addition to attracting other artists, thinkers, and cultural creators to the area, our goal is to create dialogues within the larger community, utilizing multiple venues, while maintaining connections to contemporary practices nationwide.

For more information, please email info@hourscollective.org

                                    MICHAEL DILLOW      
                                    JASON LEVAN      
                                    SAMMI MCLEAN           
                                    KATELYN SPINELLI     
                                    BALLET FLORIDA & LAUREN CAREY     
                                    R.J. RODRIGUEZ       
                                    MICHELLE A.M. MILLER   
                                    + MORE